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"Developing Confident Females for the Future"


At Full Court Hoops we believe that the "X" factor separating an average player from becoming a great player is lack of mental and physical toughness. Playing time is earned not given and each athlete will increase their mental toughness by being in the program.


Our goal is to be a platform for female basketball players to increase their self-confidence. Confidence on the court comes from the repetitions we emphasize. We will also utilize basketball as a way to teach self-confidence and self-respect off the court.


We strongly believe at Full Court Hoops that one of the most important traits a female-athlete can develop within the FCH sisterhood is leadership. We stress the importance immensely on the basketball court, but more importantly, we will empower young females to lead their peers in all areas of their lives now and in the future.

Full Court Hoops Mission Statement, Pillars of Success & Parent Testimonial


Our mission statement at Full Court Hoops is DEVELOPMENT.  Our entire coaching staff is dedicated to providing high quality basketball instruction and place a huge emphasis on the fundamentals and TEAM basketball. We also are dedicated to the development of the entire athlete in regards to their mental toughness, adaptability, confidence, leadership skills, and dedication.

Full Court Hoops Pillars of Success
1) FCH players should work on their game as much as they can outside of practices as well as before and after practice. Repetitions increase confidence. Confidence is built by working hard at something. Character trait we are teaching: CONFIDENCE/HARD WORK.

2) FCH players are encouraged to help coach the youth in our FCH summer camp & fall clinics. Character trait we are teaching: LEADERSHIP

3) FCH players will support all the other FCH teams at tourneys. The girls should watch a lot of basketball to improve their basketball IQ. Character trait we are teaching: ENTHUSIASM/UNITY

4) FCH players are encouraged to participate in at least one of our community service events: Packing lunches in December at church, SMSFD Gala in June, SMSFD student basketball clinics. Character trait we are teaching: SERVICE/SELFLESSNESS

5) If you cannot make a practice, either email, text or call the head coach to tell them your daughter will not be at practice. The girls can do this themselves at the older level. Character trait we are teaching: ACCOUNTABILITY/COMMUNICATION

6) FCH Players are encouraged to attend as many practices as they wish either a grade above or below their age level to get extra practice. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! This challenges each player to get out of their comfort zone Character trait we are teaching: COURAGE/COMPETITIVENESS

7) FCH players must clean up all water bottles on the bench after each game even if they are not ours. No trace training! We need to be the most respectful program at each tourney. Character trait we are teaching: RESPECT

8) FCH players & parents need to know that playing time will be communicated strictly between coach and player at each age level. Playing time is not equal and will be determined by each coach for each team based on practice attendance, skill level, attitude, game match-ups, and what players are playing the best together game by game. Character trait we are teaching: COMMUNICATION WITH AUTHORITY

9) FCH payment is due at the very first practice. No exceptions. There will be no refunds after you make the commitment to play for one of our teams. Once we select the teams, you are taking the place of another player we tell no so we need an all in commitment. Character trait we are teaching: COMMITMENT/LOYALTY

10) FCH players cannot play for any other AAU programs unless the games fall on a weekend we do not have a tourney. A list of what tourneys and practices you can and cannot make need to be communicated a month before the start of the season. Character trait we are teaching: COMMITMENT/DEDICATION

11) FCH players social media will be monitored by our coaching staff. Any disrespectful, negative or inappropriate posts will not be allowed if you are a player in our program. You not only represent yourself and your teammates but also the program. We encourage as much positive, uplifting, and team oriented posts as you want! Character trait we are teaching: POSITIVITY ON SOCIAL MEDIA

“Quite honestly, Full Court Hoops Clinics are the best youth sports sessions that I’ve ever seen. My two daughters have been involved in youth sports for the last 5-6 years, and I’ve never seen anything as good as their clinics. My wife and I were very impressed with the training and skills development, while also maintaining a sharp attention to focus and discipline, which seems severely lacking in many youth sports. We have been singing your praises since the very first session, and we will continue to recommend you to other parents.  Thank you for your efforts, and continued success in the future.”

Tim Wall
(Megan Wall 4th grader) 

The basketball coaching we provide wouldn’t be possible without the partnership we have with St. Mary’s School for the Deaf.  The facilities they provide us with are absolutely amazing!  We truly appreciate the entire staff at SMSFD for their generosity and open arms. From the entire Full Court Hoops Sisterhood we say THANK YOU!  Visit SMSFD website at to learn more about their incredible school.


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"Developing Confident Females for the Future"